The Latest Trends In Kitchen Faucets

1. Professional-Looking Faucets

Just about every brand showing kitchen faucets at Design & Construction Week seemed to have a professional-style kitchen faucet with a spring. Kohler launched its Graze line of faucets, including the Semi-Professional design shown here, which has a tight coil hose to allow for easier cleaning. Graze faucets are available in polished chrome, stainless steel and matte black.

Pfister’s new Neera Culinary faucet, left, capitalizes on the demand for professional-looking kitchen faucets. Photo by Erin Carlyle

The new Neera Culinary faucet from Pfister (shown here in brushed gold) has a three-function spray head and a highly visible spring that echoes the style of a restaurant kitchen faucet. “The spring is extremely popular right now,” says Danyel Tiefenbacher, brand manager at Pfister. The Neera comes in polished chrome, stainless, matte black and brushed gold.

Erin Carlyle
American Standard’s new Semi-Professional kitchen faucet from the Studio S collection features a tightly wound spring.

American Standard debuted its new Studio S collection at KBIS, including the Semi-Professional kitchen faucet shown here. The faucet has magnetic docking to keep the spray head in place, and the booth representative noted that the tight spring (as with Kohler’s model) is easier to clean than faucets wound with a looser spring. It’s available in chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, hard graphite and brushed Cool Sunrise, a gold shade.
The Leen is a new concept faucet that was shown by Pfister

2. Design-Forward Faucets With Hidden Pullouts

For those who want the functionality of a pull-down or pullout hose but not an industrial look, there were plenty of design-forward options on display at KBIS. Pfister showed its new Leen concept faucet, pictured here, which has a pullout hose that stretches up to 12 inches. It features a magnetic docking system and a side-mounted spray button.
The Pfister Leen’s pull-out function is demonstrated at the trade show. 
The X-Tend concept faucet from Pfister has a shorter profile than many pull-down faucets.

One potential issue with professional-style pullout faucets is that when placed in front of a window, they can block some of the view. Pfister’s concept X-Tend faucet, also being shown at KBIS, solves that problem with its shorter profile. X-Tend’s shape is inspired by bicycle frames and architectural lighting.
Erin Carlyle
The new Tuario kitchen faucet from Rohl features a unique spout shape.

The new Tuario faucet from Rohl has contemporary lines and a spout that transitions to a pull-down hand sprayer — you’d never know it was a pull-down when retracted. It comes in polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, satin gold and matte black and will be available this summer.
Delta’s Glass Rinser gets at those hard-to-reach areas in your smoothie container and travel mug.

3. Accessories to the Main Kitchen Faucet

In addition to the primary kitchen faucets on display, exhibitors at KBIS showcased a variety of accessories and secondary faucets that complement the main fixture. One example is Delta’s Glass Rinser, designed to make hard-to-wash drinkware — think baby bottles, travel mugs, smoothie containers — easier to clean. To use it, you place the glass upside down on the pedestal, press down, and water sprays up inside, washing away debris in a swish down the sink.

The Glass Rinser is already on the market in chrome and stainless steel finishes, but Delta is launching seven metallic finishes exclusively to trade customers this summer.
Brizo launched its Odin kitchen collection at KBIS, as well as beverage and instant hot faucets that match a variety of its collections.

Brizo’s new Odin kitchen collection, shown here and available in the fall, comes with two spout shapes and seven possible finishes. The handles are sold separately from the faucet body, allowing customers to personalize the look of their fixture by choosing a handle in metal, teak or a combination of the two. The faucets are available in polished chrome, stainless, polished nickel, polished gold, luxe gold and matte black.

In addition to this new line, Brizo launched InstaHot faucets and new beverage faucets that coordinate with the brand’s variety of kitchen faucet collections. The InstaHot faucets can be used to provide at-the-ready hot water for tea, coffee or other purposes. The beverage faucets are intended to deliver purified drinking water and are compatible with various filtration systems.
Perrin & Rowe’s new Armstrong faucet can be turned on with the wave of a hand. 

4. Discreet Smart Home Technology

Many faucets shown at KBIS use smart home technology in a subtle way that doesn’t interfere with the fixture’s design. The new transitional-style Armstrong faucet from Perrin & Rowe, pictured here, has the option of a pull-down hose. It turns on and off with the wave of a hand, a convenient feature when you’ve just been handling raw fish. It comes in polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel and satin English gold.
U by Moen Smart Faucet in the Essie style. 

Moen introduced a new line of voice-activated faucets — the U by Moen Smart Faucet — which come in a variety of styles.

Users can interact with the faucet through voice commands, using Amazon Alexa and Google Home to turn the faucet off or on or to dispense precise measurements and temperatures. They can create personalized presets in the Moen app and then use the app to control the faucet. They can turn the faucet on or off with a wave of a hand using the faucet’s sensor. Or they can use the faucet the old-fashioned way, with the handle.

Nor was Moen the only brand to display voice-activated faucets. Brizo, for instance, has voice-activated technology for all of its SmartTouch faucets, which can be turned on and off with a simple touch.
The Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector alerts homeowners to leaks. 

Moen also introduced a smart water detector that senses changes in moisture, temperature and humidity and alerts homeowners to the changes. Homeowners can place the Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector wherever there’s a risk — the basement, laundry room or attic might all be good choices. If the sensor detects water, freezing temperatures or high humidity, it will trigger an alert in the Moen app.
Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff monitors conditions in a home’s water supply and keeps homeowners apprised.

The new leak detector can work as a standalone device or in concert with the existing Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, pictured here. This device connects to the home’s main water line and measures pressure, flow rate and temperature. If there’s an abnormality, the device alerts the homeowner through the app. Alternatively, the system can be set up to automatically shut down the home’s water system if an abnormality is detected.

Moen’s updated app can track multiple devices and locations, such as rental properties and second homes.
Grohe’s Ladylux L2 SmartControl faucet has a push on-off button. Photo from Grohe

5. Practical Features

This new offering from Grohe, the Ladylux L2 SmartControl faucet, has a button at the end that users can push to turn the faucet off or on. It’s a quick way to get the job done, and it even works with an elbow if hands aren’t clean.
Pfister’s new Miri faucet has technology that makes installation above the counter possible.

This next faucet feature doesn’t utilize smart home technology in the sense of being WiFi-enabled or involving sensors or apps, but it’s smart nonetheless. Pfister has created a pull-down faucet with the brand’s patented Top Pfit technology, which allows for installation from above the countertop rather than from below.
Erin Carlyle
Homeowners can insert the Miri faucet through the top of the counter and tighten the below-counter bracket from above the sink with a special tool. This photo shows the faucet before installation.
Erin Carlyle
Sinema kitchen faucet from Moen. Photo from Moen

6. Finishes

Last year at KBIS, we saw matte black on a lot of fixtures, and the finish was even more prevalent this year. Another trend in terms of kitchen faucets this year was contrasting and mix-and-match finishes.

Those two trends merge in Moen’s new Sinema pull-down kitchen faucet, which comes with two handles, one with a coordinating finish and a second with a contrasting finish and Art Deco-inspired shell motif. The faucet is available in chrome, matte black, polished nickel and stainless. Matte black faucets come with a contrasting brushed gold handle; the metallic faucets come with a contrasting matte black handle.
Rohl’s Graceline pull-down kitchen faucet by designer Michael Berman debuted a new black-and-gold dual finish.
Grohe’s Essence collection got new finishes, including Hard Graphite, shown here. Photo from Grohe

An interesting new finish for Grohe’s Essence collection of faucets is Hard Graphite, which is softer than a stainless, chrome or nickel finish but not as dark as matte black.


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